The best way to use kinds of oil cakes as fertilizer

Update: 8/7/2013

Oil cake is one of the natural organic fertilizer with high nitrogen content, which is the residues of peanut seeds, sesame, coconut, soy, nuts rubber ... after oil extraction process of the processing plant.

How to use oil cake fertilizer for plants
Currently on the market for sale as peanut oil cake, coconut oil cake, oil cake pieces (rubber seeds), sesame oil cake .... Here are 3 ways to use oil cake as fertilizer for crops common.

1. Using peanut oil cake
- Because peanut oil cake scented insect seductive, if not soaked through composting or fertilizer directly to the plant which easily gives rise to leaf aphid is attacked, should combine pesticides for plant disease after injection room bean oil cake as fertilizer fertilizer phong.Phuong direct method does not cause unpleasant odors to the environment.
using oil cake
Peanut oil cake grinding facilities use but if applied directly to the plant bug is easy to generate attack leaves
- The cake soaked peanut oil 1 kilo gram of peanut oil cake soaked in 7-8 liters of water between 10-15 days (after soaking the lid closed), water gear oil smell very unpleasant characteristic people around, to supplement probiotics EM to apply deodorant before (chan irrigation)
the tree with the following dosage: 200ml water oil cake soaked with 8 liters of water, mix and pour water (about 250 ml scoop a song for the original irrigation
trees), monthly irrigation chan 2 times.

2. Using coconut oil cake
Price low copra oil cakes should be used often growing vegetables or ornamental plants leaves.
Soak the coconut cake with just enough water to 5-6 hours to find coconut oil cake was hatched swell by absorbing enough water is applied to the tree
or scattered on the ground. spray pesticides for pest control for crops as fertilizer and oil cake, copra meal fertilizer month once.

3. Using rubber seed oil cake (oil cake pieces)
Oil cake and dry mouth are relatively few bugs do arise should be easy to use without soaking or spraying pesticides.
Mix oil cake pieces and Super Phosphate and NPK ratio 2:2:1 16.16.8 TE with original finish applied to plants by spraying all around the base and install it, using 3-5 g / small tree; 6 -10g / medium tree, 10-15g / big trees, a mixture of compost fertilizer month once.
In addition, if economic conditions rather be able to buy large quantities of oil cakes to incubation with biological preparations in time of 45-60 days will produce nutrient-rich compost is good for plants. .


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