Mesona chinensis

Mesona chinensisMesona chinensis are herbaceous plants, every year, 15-100 cm tall. Leaves of, natural, thick, serrated edge.

Mesona chinensis leaves are processed only after drying. Mesona chinensis stems and leaves are harvested (dried for storage), ground-up, cooked in water, and add flour strategy (cassava, rice). Products to be frozen cold, black color is eaten with sugar water and oil (usually synthetic banana oil). 
Mesona chinensis is believed to have cooling properties, which lower blood pressure, treat flu, sore joints.

Mesona chinensis tree is an annual herbaceous plants. 
-Body: Plants 15-50 cm high (up to 1 m). Less branched, rough hairy, hairy. 
-Leaves: Leaves reasons, to grow, ovate or oblong, thick. Slim, narrow at the base, pointed at the tip, 3-6 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, leaves have serrated edges. 1-2 cm long leaf. 
-Flowers: Clusters of flowers in the hills, dense stands at flowering, which lasts up to 10-12 cm long, have pink bracts at the base, long-stemmed flowers, feathers; hairy stations, 3 teeth in the upper lip; Corolla white or pale pink lips on 3 lobes, lower lip to; II 2, sighed, purple filaments. 
-Fruit: Fruit closing smooth, oblong, 0.7 mm long. 
Flowering in autumn, winter.

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