Almost every Vietnamese dish contains garlic. Look for the small cloves when selecting fresh garlic--these have a sweeter taste. If you have larger cloves, remove the small sprout inside--this sprout makes the garlic taste bitter.
They have a characteristic pungent, spicy flavor that mellows and sweetens considerably with cooking.

In Korea, heads of garlic are fermented at high temperature; the resulting product, called black garlic, is sweet and syrupy, and is now being sold in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Style: fresh garlic

Grade :  A
Size : 3-5 cm
Weight : 10kg
Color : white
Packing : 10 -  20 kgs/mesh bag; 
    5 - 10 kg/ctn
 or customer order

Style: freezed dried diced garlic
Size  : 5 - 7mm
Colour : pure white
Moisture : 5% max
Storage : keep in cooldry location
Shelf life : 24 months 
Packing : 6 - 8 kgs/ctn
    or buyer's requests

Style: dried sliced garlic
Colour : natural yellow
Moisture : 6% max
Process : desiccated
Inner packing : 12.5kg/2 aluminum foil bags
Outer packing : 25kg/ctn, or buyer's requests


Style: dried powder
Appearance : smooth
Weight : 20 -> 30 kgs / barrel, 50 kgs/ctn
Color : natural white
Moisture : 4 -8%
Packing : In plastic jar 35g



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    Please , Kindly send us prices of Garlic for 1 x 40ft container load to Lagos, Nigeria. Also send photo samples as soon as possible.

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