Sea dragon fish

Charateristic: All pipefish have an elongate bodies encased in bony rings. No pelvic fins but most have pectoral fins and a single dorsal fin. Tubelike mouth with no teeth. Small gill openings. Syngnathids can move their eyes independently (like chameleons).

Ecology & range: Pipefishes inhabit sheltered aeras in coral reefs, sea grass beds and sandy lagoons. Some inhabit brackish or freshwater habitat. They are found all over the world.

Behivior: The pipefishes swim in a more fishlike fashion. They feed on small crustaceans employing a sit- and - wait strategy, remaining stationary and snapping prey that comes near. With their tubelike mouth they create a vacuum that draws their prey into the mouth.

W: 430-460 pcs/ kg
L : 25-35 cm/pc
Packing: as buyer's request


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