Ulva lactuca (Ulvaria)

Ulva lactuca is also known as sea lettuce. Seaweeds taste more primo when harvested early in the spring growing season far away from possible pollutants.
They can then be integrated into recipes either fresh or dried. Harvested Ulva blades should be completely grass green in color.
Merely rinse them in fresh water to remove the strong salty taste and it’s ready to mix into a salad or whatever - a fine addition and enhancement to a meal.

Style: raw seaweed

Moisture : 16-18% max
Impurities : 1% max
Drying process   : cleaned, sun dried
Packing : in bale of 50kgs
    20MTs/1x40ft cont  

Style: dried seaweed (grind) 
Mesh size : 3-5 mm
Moisture : 10-12% max
Impurities : 1-3% max
Packing :  in 10kgs/PE bag

Style:  seaweed powder
Mesh size : 100 mesh
Moisture   : 8-10%
Impurities : 1-3%
Drying process : cleaned, sun dried
Packing : in 25kgs/PP bag,  outer PE bag 
    15MTs/1x20ft cont



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