Depending on the species, guava can be of tomato size or as large as 13 cm in diameter.
To eat: use a knife to slice the fruit lengthwise into 4-6 pieces, slice off the part containing the seeds; the kin is bitter but edible. 
Guava is often ready to eat when it is green and crisp. The flesh is crunchy much like eating a slice of apple.
The taste is pleasant with mildly acidic flavour. Some Vietnamese however like to eat the guava when it is not completely ripe (Ổi sống) together with a dip made of fish sauce (Nuoc Mam), chilli, salt and sugar.
Sometimes, the guava slice is dipped in a mixture of salt and grounded red chilli pepper. The Mekong Delta's "Ổi Xá Lị" variety is probably the most famous guava in of Vietnam. 

Style : Fresh
Grade : A
Color : green skin and white flesh
Weight : over 0.20-0.25kg/piece
Packing : in 10kgs/ carton


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