Shrimp shell meal

Shrimp shell powder is also called shrimp meal, shrimp waste, shrimp heads, shrimp shells, shrimp.

Shrimp Shrimp powder or sub-products of the processing industry: frozen shrimp removed before or after processing is handled by sun dry or drying. There are several kinds of shrimp paste on the market depending on the type of raw materials used. It may contain shrimp, and / or parts of the whole shrimp such as the head or shell. Flour can also be made with shrimp, fresh. 
For dried shrimp processing industry consists of a scrap of meat, and shrimp shell after the process to extract the meat. About 70% will not be used, so large numbers from shrimp waste in the production process. A portion of the crude protein is contained in shrimp paste is a form of chitin, which is not easy to digest.
Type: Shrimp shell without head

Style : dried
Size : up 3cm
Weight : loss less than 1%
Moisture : 15% max
Impurity : 5% max
Protein : 30 - 35%
ASH : 2%
Packing : in 50kgs PP bag
    10Mts per container 40’HQ

Type: Shrim shell meal

Style : dried
Moisture : 10% max
Impurity : 4% max
Salted : 10% max
Protein : 32% min
P2O5 : 2% min
Nitrogen  : 3.3% min
Crude fat : 8% max 
Feshy : 80% - 120%
Sand & silica : 3% max
Packing : in 25kgs PP bag
    14Mts per container 40’HQ                      


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