Nata de coco

Nata de coco is a chewy, translucent, jelly-like food product produced by the fermentation of coconut water, which gels through the production of microbial cellulose by Acetobacter xylinum.
Nata de coco is most commonly sweetened as a candy or dessert, and can accompany many things including pickles, drinks, ice cream, puddings and fruit mixes.
Nata de coco is highly regarded for its high dietary fibre, and its low fat and zero cholesterol content.
Strips of nata de coco are used in mass-produced bubble tea drinks as a healthier alternative to tapioca.

The primarily coconut water dessert is produced through a series of steps from:
- Extraction of coconut water
- Fermentation of the coconut water with bacterial cultures
- Separating and cutting the produced mat of nata de coco
- Cleaning and washing the acetic acid out of the nata de coco
- Cutting to packaging


Style : Raw nata de coco 
Size : 23x33x1,5cm (+/- 1cm)
   or cut size: 5x5x5mm, 7x7x7mm, 10x10x10mm
PH : 3.2-3.8%
Compress :  1:10, 1:5,...
Packing : PE/PP bags or PA/PP bags 24kgs – 50kgs.
     or package in 10kg bags 
MOQ : 20ft container =18 tons

Style : Nata de coco in syrup
Size : 3 - 10 mm
Brix : 0% , 10%, 12%...(as customer request)
MOQ : 20ft container = 15 tons
PH : 3.2 - 3.8%
Solid : 60 - 80% ...(as customer request)
Packing : PE 2 -10 kgs,…/carton 20kg.

Style : Nata de coco sheet for mask 
Color : white or milk white, uniform, no abnormal color
Size : 23x33 cm (+/-1cm)
Thickness : 3mm
Smell : dry nata de coco sheet smell, no abnormal odor
Sensible & health : clean and no foreign matter.
Shelf life : 6 monthsPure natural, no impurities
Packing : 100 sheet in a vacuum


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