Rice husk briquette

The rice husk briquette fuel option is found to be the most environment friendly in the study area compared to wood fuel, natural gas and kerosene. 

The sensitivity analysis expressed that the economic viability affected by the performance of rice husk briquette fuel over wood fuel (i.e. wood : briquette ratio) and the price variation.

It is found that the rice husk briquette fuel option is viable up to wood: briquette ratio of 1.12 and variation in price of briquette up to 48%.

Length :10 – 60 mm
Diameter : 6 – 8 mm
Moisture : 7% Max
Ash : 1.2% max
Calorific Value : 3.800 – 4.200 Kcal/kg
Packing : 10PCS/ Ploy bag 
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