Fish scale

Fish scales are also a raw material in collagen-based products such as skin moisturizers, anti-aging creams, wrinkle removers, hand creams, cleansing gels, and all manner of Botox knock-offs and raccoon-eye miracle cures.

One Chinese company on the Internet markets its skin-care product in these refreshingly candid terms: "Athena Fish Collagen capsule is manufactured from fish scale or skin using modern biochemical separation technology. It is a new collagen that is safe to human being. There is 50% collagen in this product to promote skin health. It is suitable to support skin, hair...nail health and beauty."

Unseemly as it may be, fish scales not only emanate a radiance all their own, but they potentially nourish the beauty of that glow in collagen consumers worldwide.

Type: red snapper/ lujanus
Style: dried shrimp
Size  : 0.5  -2.5 cm (below 1 cm 30%, 1cm up 70%)
Color  : from ivory to whitish
Odor  : no odor or a bit fishy
Moisture  : 10% max
Impurity  : 4% max
Cleaning method : wash
Drying method : solar heat (sun dry)
Packing : 20 kgs pp bag or 100kgs prssed bale
    8mt 20kgs bag or 20mt orassed bale in 1x40fcl.
    24mt = 3x40'fcl or 40mt = 2x40fcl


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