In its raw form, galangals have a stronger taste than common ginger. They are available as a whole rhizome, cut or powdered.
The whole fresh rhizome is very hard, and slicing it requires a sharp knife. A mixture of galangal and lime juice is used as a tonic in parts of Southeast Asia.
The rhizomes are used in various Asian cuisines (for example in Thai and Lao tom yum and tom kha gai soups, Vietnamese Huế cuisine (tre) and throughout Indonesian cuisine, for example, in soto).
Though it is related to and resembles ginger, there is little similarity in taste.

Style: fresh galanga
Colour : white
Maturity  : naturally 100%
Storage : set at 5-6 degree celsius
Packing : 100-200-500grs/ tray  
      or as buyer's request

Style: dried galanga
Color  : brown
Shape : whole or slices
Moisture  : 13% max
Admixture  : 1% max
Drying process : AD
Shelf life  : 24months
Packing : 50kg/bag or as buyer's request

Style: galanga powder
Size  : 100% through mesh 60 holes/cm2
Moisture  : 12 % max
Admixture  : 0.5 % max
Packing  :  25Kg,50kg/PP+PE bag 
      or as buyer's request
     16 MT/ 20 FCL


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