Glutinous rice flour

Glutinous rice flour is a type of flour made from short-grained sticky rice.

Used as a sauce thickener or as a binding agent in baked goods, glutinous rice flour is known for its ability to withstand both refrigeration and freezing with no breakdown of the product.
The flour itself is powdery, white and unparalleled in absorption.

The chewy, elastic quality of the dough makes it a popular base for the creation of pastries and sweets throughout Asia, as it is able to withstand the heat and humidity common throughout the Southeast and the bitter cold that can be found in the Northwest.

As a gluten-free flour, it is gaining popularity in the Western world, particularly for those who are required to maintain a wheat-free diet.

Glutinous rice flour is also known as sweet flour or waxy rice flour. It is frequently used in Asian recipes to thicken sauces or bind ingredients.
This flour is known for its ability to absorb any liquid it comes into contact with, resulting in the creation of a slightly rubbery, clay-like ball of dough.
The flour is created by crushing whole grains of rice and processing them until they have reached the consistency of a fine powder that is ultra white in color and slightly sweet.

Starch  : 85 % min
Whiteness  : 95% min
Moiture  : 12% max
Fiber  : nill
Packing : as buyer's request


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