Peel pineapple pulp

Dried peel Pineapple is waste product from the production process of canned pineapple, in shell Pineapple are rich in protein and vitamins. shell pineapple is used to compost fermentation and in husbandry feed for cattle such as cows, buffaloes, sheep ..... In breeding pineapple shell be used in two kind as a food fresh and dried form.

Type dry foods are processed manually by the method of sun exposure drying natural and industrial ovens.

The method natural sun exposure peel pineapple residues to be put into a blender and then be transported to the place clean yards wide area to expose, this method is manually processed with low price but the color, moisture, is not guaranteed quality.
Method of drying pulp dried pineapple, pineapple byproducts are milled to the required ratio is then applied to the ovens, shell pulp is dried to moisture Pineapple standard preserve and export, depending on the market.

Style: dried pulp
Moisture  : 10 - 11%
Admixture  : 3% max
Protein  : 5% min
Fat : 0.9% min
Packing : in 20 - 50 kg/bag or as buyer's request


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  • Brad Grierson

    I am very interested in importing your dried pineapple pulp. Is your company able to provide bulk deliveries by ship? Please let me know. Kind regards, BG

  • Kenji kyota

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Our company has been looking for dried pineapple pulp in Vienam and found out your company. We would like to ask questions and for request as below. Has your company ever exported pineapple pulp to Japan and we would like to import by 40ft container, 800-1000kg Jumbobag in it. We would like to request sample for pineapple pulp and product specifications.(e.g.moisture,protein,fat,admixture..)and FOB&CIF Price to Shibushi port in Japan. We would appreciate it very much if you could send the sample to japan. We are looking forward to a positive reply from you. Thank you Best Regards FYC Kyota

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