Taro is a root vegetable that is eaten in many different cultures around the world and has a rich history, with many possible recipes.
The leaves of the taro plant are also used as a vegetable. Taro root is easily digestible and the leaves are a good source of vitamins A and C.

Taro root is inedible raw and must be cooked thoroughly to leach out the calcium oxalate (associated with gout and kidney stones), preferably with a pinch of baking soda.
Taro leaves should also be cooked before eating. Taro root is used in curries, prepared in similar ways to potatoes, cooked with lentils, used in baking, and even used in dessert recipes.
Taro chips, also known as vegetable chips, are available in many health food stores. Taro has a mild, nutty flavor.

Style: fresh taro
Small size : 40 - 400grs 
Big size : 400 - 1000grs
Packing : 10 - 30 kgs/PP bag


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    Dear I am wondering if you can supply Fresh Taro, small size: 40-60g packaged in 9 kg mesh bags Regards

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