The papaya has its roots in Central America, now spreads throughout South-East Asia. Papaya is sold all year round, especially in the south.
To eat: divide the fruit in half, use a spoon to scoop out the seeds, peel them, slice or dice.
The fruits are large, maybe weighing up to 9 kg and often look like a large squash. The skin is thin and turns from green to yellow and orange as the fruit ripens.
The flesh of the papaya may be yellow, orange, or reddish orange and has a consistency of a very ripe cantaloupe. Papayas are sweet and are used as dessert.
Papaya is nowadays widely consumed as fresh fruit because of the smooth sweet and slightly sour taste when it is ripe.

In southern part of Viet Nam, one of the popular varieties of papaya is the one with red, thick pulp that has a fragrance but contains less sugar.
This species is grown in the Mekong Delta Region. In the North, papaya is also cultivated, but due to the colder climate, fruits take a longer time to ripen.

Style: frozen fruit - IQF
Colour  : red or orange
Shape : dices
Size : 10 x 10 x 10mm (buyer's request)
Brix  : 11° min
Packing  : 10 kgs /PE bag /carton 
    or as buyer's request


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