Round scad

Although the Round scad is considered a good food fish, it is mostly caught for use as bait

Round Scad is common food of Vietnamese, especially for many people need protein to nourish their health after they work by manual work all day. 
There are two kinds of Round Scad: Round Scad is called Decapterus Maruadsi and Layang Scad is called Decapterus Macrosoma. 
Finished – product Round Scad is rather variety as fresh Round Scad(use in daily) has frozen total fish(baiting food for export). Dried cooking Round Scad with headless no use innards.
Round Scad meat is very swift. If the chef can cure well, they give a bit spice (five flavors) when stewing Round Scad. When we eat them, we feel as eating beef. Many people think that: Round Scad has origin from the Tuna or Auxis Rochei is called other name Bullet Tuna. Nobody proves the Round Scad being Bullet Tuna themselves, because Tuna and Bullet Tuna has got commercial name being Tuna but not Scad.

Style: dried fish
Color  : whitening yellow, white , nice
Size  : 4-6cm, 5-7cm, 7-9cm, 9-11cm, 11-13cm
Shape  : piece
Taste : natural and light salty  
Moisture  : 22 - 23%
Salt  :  3 - 5%
Packing  : 15kg/carton, 2kg/carton


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