Coix seeds

Other names: Job’s tears, Chinese pearl barley,  adlay seed, Coix lacryma-jobi , ma-yuen

Size: 4-6mm wide, 7-9mm long
Colour: dark brown
The seed contains about 52% starch, 18% protein, 7% fat.

In the Orient, the seeds are eaten as a cereal called "Adlay".
When cooked, the seeds have a pleasant mild flavor & it can be used in soups and broths.

It can be ground into a flour and used to make  bread or used in any of the ways that rice is used.
The pounded flour is sometimes mixed with water like barley for barley water. It is also husked and eaten out of hand like a peanut.
A tea  can be made from the parched seeds, whilst beers and wines are made from the fermented grain. A coffee is made from the roasted seed. Coix seed is used as both a healing herb and a food.
The seeds, with the husks removed, are important in traditional Chinese medicine. It is said that a tea made from the boiled seeds will help to cure warts, and that in general coix is good for the skin, helping to nourish and soften it so that it looks smooth and healthy. It enhances immune function, is an anti-inflammatory and lowers the blood sugar level.

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