Duck feather

The washed duck down covers many grades from duck dedown feather (DD) which contains lowest loftness to the 90% duck down plus 10% duck dedown feather (90/10) which has the best loftness.
The down grades are the result after mixing mainly between down and feather followed to the ratio stated by down & feather labeling of every country.

Type: washed feather
Use: duck feather for filling quilts, comforters or garment

Colour: white or grey
Length: 2 - 4 cm, 3 - 5 cm, 4 - 6 cm, 6 - 8 cm 
EN standard and IDFL and Veterinary Health Certificate.
Low oil, fat, dust, moisture contents.
Washed, deodorized, sanitized, dried, cooled and packed
Breathable, environmentally friendly, extremely soft, comfortable
Minimum odor and fresh smell
High filling power and great transparency

Packing: plastic woven compressed bale size 40*60*80cm,75kgs per bale,
 8250kgs for a 20'GP container,
 18000kgs for a 40'HQ container


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