Tapioca residue pellet

The Tapioca Pellet is mainly for animal feed industry.In pellet form, it will facilitate the transportation and decrease the dusty atmosphere during the transportation. 

Tapioca pellets are produced by compressing tapioca chips, using a heat and pressurized equipment.  They are 2-3 centimetres in length, with a diameter of 1 centimetre. 
The pellets are therefore an energy source of energy for animals.  Since tapioca pellets are available all-year round, and the price is rather stable, when compared with other feedstuffs, they are very much in demand amomg importing countries.
An important advantage of tapioca pellets is that they can easily be transported, like other feed grains.

Moisture : 11 - 14% max
Starch 50% min
Raw fibre : 15% max
Packing in 50 kg PP bag net, jumbo 650kgs
   20 MTS/ 20''
26-27 MTS/
each cont 40''


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